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professional editor for my img fellowship applicationGetting an IMG fellowship is not an easy process, but if you want to specialize in a particular area of medicine then it is something that you will have to do. As an IMG or International Medical Graduate, getting a fellowship within the U.S. or Canada is a little more difficult as entrance requirements will first need to see your authorization of being able to practice medicine for the state you want to apply in. Even if you are a natural resident but have done your training out of the country, you are still regarded as an IMG and with fellowship application help from professionals that understand the process and the list of documents that are required; it needn’t be such a difficult task.

Out of the 10,000 applications for medical fellowship programs across the U.S. and Canada every year, just over 4000 were made by IMGs for 2017 through the ERAS admissions scheme showing just how competitive it is to get a place. Just like the many residency programs you applied to, your application for a fellowship will have to be the absolute best it can be to put you in the spotlight and show a review board why you are the more suitable candidate. This is why many people come to a professional service like ours to get the absolute best available fellowship application help. We can supply you with an expert who specializes in all things associated with fellowships for IMGs and will ensure that your application gets you noticed.

About Our Professional International Medical Fellowship Help

There are many documents that will need to be completed in your application from a cover letter for fellowship all the way through to a personal statement that will all need to a highly descriptive yet accurate representation of you. Most people would struggle to put together just one or two of these but when you are asked to provide so many in such a short period of time and with an already busy schedule as a resident can be nearly impossible. This is where our expert fellowship writers and editors can save you both a lot of time and worry to ensuring your application is on time through such services as:

  • Writing your personal statement or putting together your fellowship application CV are both extremely difficult tasks. Getting the balance right between experience and education can be tricky elements and a personal statement at this level will need to be different from any previous ones written. Our expert fellowship writers can assist in this process by helping you maximize writing skills through a series of exercises, guide you with pointers on realizing strengths and weaknesses to be included and ensure it is presented perfectly.
  • Once all writing is complete and you have reviewed it thoroughly, it is time to carry out a full personal statement fellowship edit. This is where you should be checking for problem areas in the layout, sentence structure and choice of words to ensure that anyone reading understands exactly what you are trying to say. Our expert editors can perform a full edit of all your documents and ensure that your fellowship application letter, for example, is completely error-free and easy to follow, helping a review board see exactly who you are.
  • Proofreading a document is the last stage to ensuring that anything you have written is totally error free. Often confused with editing, proofreading focuses on finding and then fixing mistakes with spelling, punctuation, grammar and needs a high level of concentration to get it right. Our experts can aid you by teaching simple exercises to improve your own skills while at the same time removing any pesky little errors from your own writing that you would have otherwise missed. At this level, mistakes can be costly and a cover letter with simple spelling errors could result in your whole application being ignored.
  • Another vital aspect which goes hand in hand with all stages of writing and editing is how to present each type of document. All academic and professional writing conforms in one way or another to a certain format or style and showing ignorance of this can also harm your application. A review board will expect a certain level of professionalism in your writing and for it to be presented in a particular way. With many years of providing fellowship application help, our experts are able to guide you in the correct format that shapes each of your documents so that they will be received in a much more positive way.

We Employ Only the Best Fellowship Writers to Assist You

It takes a lot of hard work putting together a strong application package for an IMG fellowship and it is a process which our experts completely understand. Unlike many of our competitors who rely on overseas consultants with no expertise in high-level academic writing or have any knowledge of the process involved regarding fellowship for IMG students, we only employ time served and qualified experts to assist you. We will supply you with a professional writer who will be in direct contact at every stage of the process to ensure that you understand exactly what is being done. When you ask for our fellowship application help, you will always be matched with an expert who:

  • Is a completely native English speaker
  • Holds a postgraduate degree in a field that your application is centered on
  • Has knowledge of all the rules associated with academic writing and how to present each document
  • Has been successfully assisting IMG students to apply to medical fellowship programs for many years

Our Professional Fellowship Application Help Is Widely Available

img fellowship application help

There are many services available online who offer very similar products to ours but what makes us more successful is a strong desire to ensure that all your needs are met. Most of our competitors focus on offering a single service such as writing a CV for you, but with us, instead of just doing the work for you, we give professional guidance and find ways to improve your own skills in a range of areas not just writing but also editing, formatting and proofreading. These comprehensive range of products are not only limited to a smaller area like those of our competitors, we are now accessible in over 120 countries around the world bringing fellowship application help one step closer to those who need it.

Advantages of Using Our Fellowship Application Help

Our experts completely understand just how difficult it can be to put together so many complicated documents in a short space of time to get your application to medical fellowship programs in on time and they will strive to ensure that it gets done. We always aim to exceed your expectations with every service we perform so that you will have the confidence to carry on using them. Not only do you benefit from having the best writers and support team on hand whenever you need but also:

  • Completely secure ordering and customer support available around the clock
  • Prices to suit all budgets with many discounts offered to new and returning customers
  • Direct communication with your world-renowned first-class writer at every stage
  • As many revisions as are needed until you are completely satisfied
  • Strict adherence to your deadline
  • Completely original writing with free plagiarism and proofreading checks
  • A full refund of all monies if not completely satisfied


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