IMG Cover Letter for Fellowship

good img fellowship application cover letterWhether you are applying to a fellowship in vascular surgery or gastroenterology you will need to ensure that your application is able to make you stand out. Through last year’s Match, only 81.5% of those applying were able to find a place. As an International Medical Graduate, you will need to take advantage of every part of your application to help get yourself noticed. 

A good cover letter for fellowship applications is one way to truly stand out from the crowd. This is an opportunity that you should not waste as a well-written IMG cover letter gives you an opportunity to clearly state to the committee reviewing your application why you are such a perfect match to their program. Rather than them having to search through your CV for fellowship application and other documents you can quickly and clearly show them why you should be selected.

Our fellowship personal statement writing service is able to fully support you with the writing and editing of all of the many documents that you will be required to supply with your application. We use proven and highly educated staff that have many years of experience with helping IMG applicants with their submissions. They have the English and writing skills that are needed to craft documentation for your application that is really going to give you a significant edge over your competition.

Use Our Fellowship Cover Letter Sample for Guidance

Our fellowship cover letter example is a quick and easy way for you to see just how you can boost your application with just a single carefully considered page of writing. A carefully tailored letter that specifically shows how you fit perfectly their family medicine or internal medicine fellowship requirements can give your application a real boost. Our cover letter fellowship application sample provides you with guidance as to what areas you need to cover, the best format to use, and the style of writing that you should employ.

Never however simply copy any sample cover letter of IMG application. It will not reflect your own personal skills and qualifications, nor will it target the program you are applying to. The better tailored the letter the more effective it will be in helping you to gain a place.

How Can We Help Write Your Cover Letter for Fellowship

online help with cover letter for img fellowship application

A covering letter for your IMG fellowship application is something that you will need to think very hard about if you want to influence the committee. Our experts fully understand how to write that effective letter and will work directly with you so that they can ensure that your letter carefully matches just what the committee will be looking for.

All writing is done with you from the start. We don’t just produce a quick letter to a generic template, nor will we ever copy anything. Your letter will be unique to you and available for your review once it has been completed. We provide you with unlimited revisions and our experts will make any changes that you feel may be required to ensure that your cover letter fully meets your personal expectations before you submit it with your application.

The following from Bill Sullivan writing for the Journal of Biological Chemistry is very apt:

“While it may be true that your awesomeness is beautifully outlined on your curriculum vitae, your cover letter often will dictate whether the busy principal investigator puts your application at the top of the heaping pile or into triage.”

Our Experts Are Qualified to Help Write Your Fellowship Cover Letters

A medical fellowship cover letter is not something that you can ask just anyone to write. We use only proven writers that have already used their skills to help many others to gain a place. They hold higher degree qualifications in the fields in which they write and have many years of experience with helping applicants at this level. Your writer will have native level English skills and the writing ability to help craft a letter that will be highly persuasive. They fully understand both the application process and the expectations of the admissions committee that you are applying to.

Benefit from Our Medical Fellowship Cover Letter Services

From application tips and samples through to writing and editing support our services provide you with some of the most comprehensive and effective support that you will find online. Our staff is highly dedicated professionals that really want to help you to succeed with your application. They work hard with you to ensure that every aspect of your application will show you as an ideal candidate.

Not only are you working with the best writers and editors you will also be fully benefiting from all of the following:

  • We always deliver our support promptly and on time: just select the time frame for your writing which can be as quick as just 12 hours and we guarantee to deliver to you within your deadline.
  • Highly affordable professional support: We clearly show you our pricing on our website and never add additional charges within the process.
  • Unlimited revisions: our experts work hard with you to provide you with precisely the letter that you are looking for. They will make any and all changes required to fully meet your expectations.
  • Direct communication with our experts: they work with you through our IMG application service so that they have access to the information that will be required to tailor your documents perfectly.
  • Totally unique writing: all writing is done directly with you by experts that take great pride in what they do. We also provide you with a full plagiarism report to confirm that your letter is totally original.
  • No issues with our writing: we put all services through our fully certified proofreading to ensure that it is perfectly formatted and free from writing errors.
  • Guaranteed full satisfaction with our services: if we do not meet your expectations then we will provide you with a full refund on the service that we provide.

Make your IMG application a real success with the help and support of our experts with writing or editing your outstanding cover letter for fellowship submissions!