How to Get to IMG Fellowship without Residency: All You Have to Know

What Is Meant by IMG?

IMG is the acronym for International Medical Graduate. This is a degree of medicine given to the physicians by any medical institution that doesn’t locate in the Canada and U.S. The IMG fellowship without residency is also possible to get and there are some important requirements for it. You are only required to write and submit medical fellowship CV for it. Otherwise, it is not possible to apply for this degree program.

Who Can Apply forIMG Fellowship Without Residency?

Either you’re applying for a direct fellowship without residency or with residency, there is a certain requirement for applicants. First of all, the applicant must be a physician. H/She must have a masters degree of physics to move further in the application procedure.

How Important Is the IMG?

The International Medical Graduate degree is important because of many reasons. It is not all about getting the privilege to work in various kinds of international hospitals. The international medical graduates fellowship without residency is a bit difficult to get but it definitely provides great benefits to the degree holders. The fellowship IMG without residency has some drawbacks as compared to the direct fellowship residency. It is important to make an ideal professional career as a successful doctor. You can even start a personal clinic to provide an adequate amount of health services by earning handsome salaries. Although, this degree won’t be equal to a five-year medicine degree but there are numerous advantages of it. The direct fellowship without residency for IMG makes a way of getting more work opportunities. You can start with assisting the medical doctors in the beginning. Then, it turns to give you a promotion for it.

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The Pros of Direct Fellowship Without Residency

Choosing the direct fellowship residency is the ideal selection. However, many applicants don’t find it a valuable option. The fellowship for international medical graduates has a lot of benefits if it is direct. Here are some major benefits that can be a great addition to your knowledge for sure. Make sure that you are familiar with every benefit of the IMG fellowship program. It is important to be in your mind.

It might be simpler to earn fellowship if you don’t get residency. Getting residency is easier once you acquire the fellowship. It sounds a bit tricky but not impossible for sure. You can even get the opportunity to work in the same hospital where you’ve completed the fellowship. It is because you make good terms with the staff of the hospital to brighten up chances of getting work there. Even the best opportunities for foreign medical graduates can be increased to get the best employment. Remember that this advantage is just an assumption and the scenario can be opposite of it. Therefore, you have to be prepared for every situation.

The other benefit is to get an opportunity of doing sub-specialization and serving well by getting back to your country. It is true that ECFMG Certification and other related documents work well for the applicants to be selected.

What Are the Possibilities of Rejection to IMG Fellowship without residency?

There are several possibilities when you would be rejected for getting selected to the direct IMG fellowship. Therefore, it is always suggested to keep both eyes on every part of the requirements. Here are few possibilities of getting rejected:

  • The improper documents needed for application create the problem in the process of selection. Make a separate folder or file to keep all the required documents secured for submission.
  • To miss anything in the application process also result in direct rejection of the applicant. They never get notified for the re-submission. Therefore, you need to pay higher attention to this procedure as well.
  • The applicant who’s non-citizen of United States and also completed IMG fellowship from the same place can also face difficulties in achieving their goal of selection.
  • The chances are less if you’re not from the most IMG friendly states.
  • Don’t forget to use the ERAS for delivering the application. This is an ideal option to get your application delivered securely and on time.

These Are the Points Included in Direct Fellowship Without Residency for IMG Application Procedure

As soon as you’ve received the token, you may register at MyERAS. The entire procedure of the application is quite simple and based on thirteen different steps:

  • Ask for the user guide and ERAS fellowships token.
  • Complete the registration with MyERAS online.
  • Try to sign up for the profile at this time.
  • You are required to complete and create the application of MyERAS. It is also a mandatory step.
  • Request the supporting documents and create the engaging personal statement to appeal the selectors.
  • Choose the programs
  • Time for assigning the program’s documents.
  • Transmit and certify the application.
  • Use the Applicant Document Tracking System to check the status of your application. Also, try to monitor the Support Center to get info.
  • Track the delivery by updating documents, selecting and applying to the advanced programs.
  • The up-to-date profile is also important.
  • Complete registration for fellowship match.
  • Choose the academic program and ask for more related questions.

These are the steps that can’t be ignored while you applying for the IMG fellowship.

Know everything about IMG fellowship without residency to make this procedure way easier beyond the expectations. Share with other interested candidates as well!