Fellowship Application IMG: Steps to Get in

professional help with img fellowship applicationfellowship application imgOver recent years there has been a steady increase in the amount of IMG friendly fellowship programs available within the U.S. and Canada, but getting a place on them has become ever more competitive so you need to ensure that every document you send in has been perfectly written. Your fellowship application IMG package will consist of many different documents that have their own unique problems to overcoming and if that wasn’t enough, you also have to worry about tuition fees, getting a license to practice medicine, visa and getting yourself mentally prepared to face a medical interview if you make it through the first phase.

However, getting through the first phase will be the biggest challenge. Ensuring each of your documents for the international medical graduate program you want to attend are perfect will take a lot of time and effort that you maybe don’t currently have to reach the deadline for application. This is why a lot of people use a professional service like ours to get the best level of fellowship application help that guarantees to get all your documents together and completed on time. We can supply you with an expert who completely understands the international medical graduate fellowship application process along with how to successfully complete all the different documents needed to ensure your package is the strongest it can be. Receiving our fellowship application IMG help has never been easier:

Place your order

Our services are available around the clock so simply follow the link to our website where there is always someone ready to accept your order. You can either opt to get a quote for your required services or go directly to the order form where you will be required to fill in a few details concerning the work you want to be done. You will also be prompted to supply a deadline for when you need the work completed by and once happy you have supplied as much information as you can, press the submit button.

Make a payment

Once your order for our international medical graduate program help has been submitted, you will then be directed to our secure payment portal. You have a choice of paying by either PayPal or your credit card and once your details are entered, they will remain completely secure on our servers, we will never pass your details onto any 3rd party.


As soon as we receive your payment to check ‘my’ application papers, we will then send you a confirmation e-mail to the registered address letting you know you paid successfully and that an expert will be in direct communication with you. This is so that they can get all relevant information needed to put together perfect medical fellowship personal statements and that you are always kept apprised of the process at every stage.

Review the draft

Once your writer has all the information they need to put together a working draft CV for medical fellowship, they will then pass this on to you for review. Our fellowship application IMG assistance offers an unlimited number of reviews during this process so that we ensure it meets with your full satisfaction before anything else. You can make any changes as needed which includes the optional length they should conform to and our experts will offer professional suggestions to improve your documents in a way that will enhance the overall quality.

Receive the final document

Once you are happy with any changes that are made to the letter of recommendation for medical fellowship, our experts will then get to work on the final checks before sending it to you. This involves a full online plagiarism test with a copy of the report attached to ensure it is unique and also professional proofreading to remove any errors that may be present.

Benefit From Our Experienced Fellowship for Medical Students Help  

confidential img fellowship application writerGetting all your documents ready can be a long and drawn out process that many busy people simply don’t have the necessary time to get done themselves. Making sure that each one has been perfectly written and edited so that they are accurately presented and completely error-free can simply be just beyond many people’s ability to do and as a result, any application could be severely damaged. By using our fellowship application IMG help can take all the worry off your shoulders and leave you valuable time to focus on other things. Our experts will use their many years of experience in successfully helping students overcome this process and ensure each and every document has been professionally examined and are the best they can be.

Having the best fellowship application IMG is critical to ensuring a successful result so get in touch with our experts for extremely high-quality help at a price that will keep you smiling!